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Gateway for Faculty & Staff

Gateway for Faculty & Staff

Resources, offices and services for Stanford faculty and staff

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Working at Stanford

Your destination for all employee-related information from University Human Resources

国产偷拍视频 Manage health, retirement and other benefits

国产偷拍视频 University paid holiday schedule and policies

Explore job openings, sign up for alerts

国产偷拍视频 Onboarding resources for new employees

国产偷拍视频 Resources, tools and training for Stanford managers

Faculty Resources

Faculty appointments, policies, handbook and updates

Meeting schedule, notes and announcements

Housing programs for eligible faculty

国产偷拍视频 Professional development, inclusion, recruitment

Fingate hub for faculty accounts, payroll, expenses

On Campus

Restaurants and cafes on campus

国产偷拍视频 Details on plans, account management

Member dining, catering and guest rooms

国产偷拍视频 List of groups and events

国产偷拍视频 Lodging for Stanford business

国产偷拍视频 Year-round meeting planning services

Safety & Support

Contact, alerts and resources

Urgent help, reporting and safety

国产偷拍视频 Confidential assistance with conflict resolution

国产偷拍视频 Resources to ensure equal opportunity and access

国产偷拍视频 Information, reporting, training

国产偷拍视频 Report an issue of concern

Health & Wellness

Program details, perks, events

国产偷拍视频 Search and register for classes

Fitness and recreation facilities, programs, classes, hours

Confidential counseling and other support services

Programs and services to promote work / life balance

Mindfulness and meditation center

Getting to Work

Info about our many workplaces, including the new Redwood City campus

国产偷拍视频 Sign up for incentives, check status, get Clipper Card

Stanford’s free bus service around campus

Parking permits and prices

国产偷拍视频 Community of practice for remote workers

Online Technology

国产偷拍视频 Explore campus IT news and services

Submit a help ticket

国产偷拍视频 Technology tools and resources to get you started

国产偷拍视频 Zoom, WebEx, others

Protect your information and Stanford’s online assets

国产偷拍视频 Free and discounted IT services

Get software for your office computer

国产偷拍视频 Web planning, design, development and maintenance

Staff Learning & Growth

国产偷拍视频 Professional development courses

国产偷拍视频 Classes, courses, online resources, training sessions

国产偷拍视频 Courses, events, certificates, registration and policies


Important university dates and deadlines

国产偷拍视频 Catalog, collections, locations and services

Online catalog of courses, degrees, policies and requirements

Student records, course and curriculum planning

国产偷拍视频 VPTL customized support to advance teaching and learning


国产偷拍视频 Dean of Research resources for scholarly inquiry and research administration

Compliance training courses

Stanford’s 18 independent laboratories, centers and institutes

Other Research Centers
国产偷拍视频 A listing of other research labs and centers


Administrative Offices
University governance and listing of administrative units

Administrative Policies
Administrative Guide and other university-wide policies

国产偷拍视频 Visual communications resources and downloads


Stanford’s core financial accounting system

国产偷拍视频 Fingate hub for faculty accounts, payroll, expenses

国产偷拍视频 Fingate hub for staff expenses, travel, payroll, purchasing

Find available courses and training materials

Campus Newsletters

daily news email from Stanford

employee news from University Human Resources

thoughts and observations from Stanford leaders

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