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Gateway for Students

Gateway for Students

Resources, offices and services that support Stanford students

General Academic Resources

国产偷拍视频 Information on degrees, requirements, policies

国产偷拍视频 Stanford course catalog

国产偷拍视频 Key academic dates and deadlines

Student records, grades, degree progress

Collections, study spaces, course reserves

国产偷拍视频 Tutoring, coaching, learning hub and more

Textbooks, course materials, technology and more

For Undergraduates

Information on degrees, requirements, policies

Your launchpad to explore majors and programs

For Graduate Students

Information on degrees, requirements, policies

Supporting graduate students and their families

Hub for all postdoctoral appointments

Studying Beyond Campus

Stanford programs to study abroad

Study and learn in the nation’s capital

Marine science programs in Monterey Bay

国产偷拍视频 Stanford research and education center in Beijing

Hub for international students, programs and events

Search off-campus research and travel opportunities

Student Life

国产偷拍视频 Life and experiences outside the classroom

国产偷拍视频 Stanford’s student government association

国产偷拍视频 Nurturing spiritual and religious life on campus

Explore career paths and opportunities

Supporting Stanford students with disabilities

Public service opportunities and programs

Housing and Dining

Providing student housing and dining

国产偷拍视频 Housing options and assignments

Dining locations and hours

Manage your meal plan and Cardinal Dollars

Getting Around

Searchable online campus map

Parking permits and commute programs

Campus shuttle routes, schedules

国产偷拍视频 Train schedules and stops

Managing Finances

Application requirements, forms and deadlines.

Manage your university bill

国产偷拍视频 Guide for student employees, travel reimbursement and more

Consumer information for students

Information Technology

国产偷拍视频 Tech support just for students

A getting started guide for students

Stanford’s official mobile app

Manage SUNet ID, password, two-step and more

  • Safety & Support

    Health & FItness

    Community Centers